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My short story. Click here for the longer version.

I am a native of New Orleans. After a career as a teacher, school administrator, and educational consultant living and working abroad, I now spend my time sharing Louisiana and world cultures with others. I’ve hiked the rice terraces in the Philippines, climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan, and Mt. Sinai in Egypt.

When I’m not reading, writing, and visiting schools, I’m traveling, playing tennis, or digging in genealogical archives.

My debut picture book, THE KING CAKE BABY (Pelican Publishing Co., January 2015), highlights the unique cultural tradition of eating king cake during the Mardi Gras season in my hometown.

Forthcoming: NO VOICE TOO SMALL: Fourteen Young Americans Making History, co-editors Jeanette Bradley, Keila V. Dawson, Lindsey H. Metcalf. Illus. by Bradley. (Charlesbridge Publishing September 2020)

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More questions? Contact my publicist at Pelican:

Antoinette de Alteriis, Promotion Director, 504-368-1175 x331


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  1. So very glad to find this and so very proud of all you have accomplished. Love you, my very distant NOLA cousin.

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