Students will gain an understanding of activism through an examination of the young activists in featured in NO VOICE TOO SMALL -what they did, why, and how.


Students will listen to poems and identify how poets use imagery, active and emotional language to write about the activists included in NO VOICE TOO SMALL.


Jeanette Bradley has a background in fair housing and fair lending work. She is the author/illustrator of Love, Mama and the illustrator of When the Babies Came to Stay.

Keila V. Dawson is a New Orleans native, former community organizer and author of The King Cake Baby and the forthcoming Opening the Road: Victor Hugo Green and His Green Book. She’s worked as a teacher, school administrator, and educational consultant and advocate in the U.S., the Philippines, Japan, and Egypt.

Lindsay H. Metcalf  has been a writer and editor at publications including The Kansas City Star and Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World and has covered a range of change-makers in politics, education, and communities. She is the author of the forthcoming Beatrix Potter, Scientist, and Farmers Unite! Planting a Protest for Fair Prices.