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HELLO BABY by Keila V. Dawson

HELLO BABY by Keila V. Dawson

THE 2nd ANNUAL #50PreciousWords Writing Challenge hosted by author Vivian Kirkfield in honor of Dr. Suess is here!

The challenge is to write a story for children 12 and under using 50 words or less. YIKES!

My entry, at exactly 50 words, is about the wonder and curiosity a child has about the baby growing inside his or her mother.


You’re quiet inside mama’s belly. What are you doing in there?




You’re moving inside mama’s belly. And I can feel what you’re doing in there.




You’re noisy outside mama’s belly. I can hear and see what you’re doing now!




Hello baby!

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Love Hugs by Keila V. Dawson

Love Hugs by Keila V. Dawson

What writer doesn’t like a challenge? In honor of Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, fellow author Vivian Kirkfield (SWEET DREAMS, SARAH; Creston Books, 2017) is sponsoring a 50 Precious Words Contest. Everyone adores his gift for storytelling and word choice. The challenge is to write a story using only 50 words. See this post on her blog, Picture Books Help Kids Soar, for more details. And yes, there are prizes.


I wrote LOVE HUGS, a 49 word story. Hope you enjoy!



by Keila V. Dawson


Would you like a hug goodnight?

Not tonight, I’m alright.


Would you like one when you’re sad?

Not when sad. Not when mad.


Would you like one for good-bye?

Not for good-bye. Not if I cry.


Would you stop me if I do?

Not at all, I’d like two!



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