Amazon Book Giveaway, Ends 09/21/15

Amazon Book Giveaway, Ends 09/21/15

That ended quickly!! Check back tomorrow. New giveaway will be announced!!

Catch him if you can! #AmazonGiveaway! Enter here for a chance to win a copy of The King Cake Baby. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends September 21, 2015!

If you’ve ever had king cake, you know a tiny plastic baby belongs inside the cake. But what if the baby runs away before he’s hidden inside the cake?

The King Cake Baby is a tasty re-telling of the Gingerbread Man tale, told New Orleans style! The runaway baby is chased by an old Creole lady and an old Creole man, a praline lady in Jackson Square, and a waiter at Café du Monde. But can he outrun a clever baker?



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  1. I have been wanting to read and review your book, but haven’t yet. When I review so many books, I have to keep my blog theme in mind. But, your book sounds like it is a very cute story and it’s fun to do something fun.

    I would love to win a copy. But, I clicked on the “here” button, and it said winners had been chosen — it isn’t Sep 21. yet. Will check my library.

    • Oh my, it closed last night. That was quick! I set it up so Amazon would select the winner at ‘random’ but not certain why they set the date so far in advance if they choose that fast. I will run it again and this time set it up differently. Good luck Patricia!

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