Children’s book creators know all too well that feeling of waiting for reviews to come in. I am thrilled so many have had great things to say about this poetic anthology about activism!

“Never too soon to start stirring things up.”

starred review| Kirkus

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NO VOICE TOO SMALL made the Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2020 list!

NO VOICE TOO SMALL got a starred review from Kirkus Reviews

KIRKUS Review: Click on the picture to read the review.

Review by Ronna Mandel (GoodReadsRonna): Click on picture to read the review.

THE TINY ACTIVIST: Click on the picture to read the review.


ALL THE FEELS! Check out this video review of NO VOICE TOO SMALL by Kirsten Williams Larson.🎤 Empower youth. They are are our future and our hope.

And a huge thanks to all the activists featured, the talented poets who wrote about them and Charlesbridge Publishing .

Featured activists:
Judy Adams | Ziad Ahmed |Noah Barnes | Jasilyn Charger | Mari Copeny | Marley Dias | Levi Draheim | Cierra Fields | Samirah “DJ Annie Red” Horton | Jazz Jennings | Nza-Ari Khepra | Viridiana Sanchez Santos | Adora Svitak | Zach Wahls

Featured poets:
S. Bear Bergman | Joseph Bruchac | Nikki Grimes | Hena Khan | Andrea J. Loney | Guadalupe García McCall | Lindsay H. Metcalf | Fiona Morris | G. Neri | Lesléa Newman | Traci Sorell | Charles Waters | Carole Boston Weatherford | Janet Wong

Charlesbridge | ISBN: 978-1-6235-4131-6
40 pages | ages 5-9

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Graphics created by Lindsay H. Metcalf

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