Author Debbie LaCroix helped create the Debut PB Study Group on Facebook. The focus of this online community of writers is to study the various parts of debut picture book texts and invite the authors to interact with the group.
Why study picture books? Simply because picture books require the same elements of a novel that has tens of thousands of words. Character development, plot,  a story arc and a resolution are still necessary, but all using less than one thousand words. The task is not simple. It’s rather challenging. Every. Word. Counts. And the author needs to leave room for the illustrator to tell their story through pictures. Each on it’s own is not enough, picture books are described as an art of visual storytelling.
Being a member of this picture book study group disqualifies me from participating as an author, but Debbie featured me on her blog to discuss inspiration, submission, getting published, and things I’ve learned along the way.
To see the February 11, 2015 interview, click here.
And if you are interested in writing picture books, you can start here by reading 20 dos and 20 don’ts , advice from an award winning author, Mem Fox who said, “Writing a picture book is like writing ‘War and Peace’ in Haiku.”
Study is not just necessary, it’s mandatory!
Thanks for hosting me Debbie!
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