“Dear Soon To Be Published Author” by Robin LaFevers

“Dear Soon To Be Published Author” by Robin LaFevers

I’ve read, tweeted, posted on FB, blogged, and re-read Robin’s post Dear Soon To Be Published Author with all my writer friends and groups. This is by far some of the most excellent advice given to writers. I am constantly in a battle with Patience. She is annoying, frustrating, and totally inflexible. I feel like an exercise in hurry up and wait. And Doubt is just demeaning.

As a debut author I am both excited and terrified. What resonated with me from Robin’s post is the importance of being our authentic selves. Writing is highly personal and publishing is a tough business. We cannot predict nor control the process or the actions by others. We must remember to be kind to ourselves.

Here’s the link to the post: Dear Soon To Be Published Author

Thanks Robin. Write on.


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