Picture Book Critique Fest 2019

Picture Book Critique Fest 2019

Head over to PBSpotlight and enter their 2019 Picture Book Critique Fest for a chance to win a picture book critique. Check out all the participating authors, illustrator and agents, oh my! Deadline to enter is October 25th.

A good critique must take into account the structure of your story. For example, in a classic story structure a character has a problem they attempt to solve, faces obstacles, has a dark moment where failure looks inevitable, but ultimately they figure out how to solve the problem and in the end has grown or changed in some way.

A critique of a manuscript like this may address:

The opening/ first line(s). 

The first 50 words.

The problem and if clearly stated.

The inciting incident.

The main character’s traits.

The words that indicate the story’s tone and voice.

The dialogue, if any.

The secondary characters.

The pacing.

The stakes.

The tension.

The transitions.

The scenes.

The story’s narrative arc.

The room left for the illustrator.

The resolution.

The ending.

Good luck!


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