ReviMo 2014 with Meg Miller, Children’s Author/Illustrator

ReviMo 2014 with Meg Miller, Children’s Author/Illustrator


Participating in ReviMo definitely conjured my creative ”muse” these past seven days. Butt in Chair, writing, revising, thinking, repeat. Chop, cut, remove, substitute. At one point I did not even recognize one of my manuscripts anymore, and another suddenly had the clarity I desired. I admit to feeling overwhelmed by mid-week, and had to find my rhythm. So I backed off a bit, continued to push and am better off in the end. I truly feel one manuscript is complete and others are on their way.

For me, revision is like that thing on my ”to do” list that I desperately need to do but put off. However, once I set my mind to it, I can’t stop until I’m satisfied with the progress I’ve made toward completion. ReviMo helped me set my mind to get my writing ”to do” list in order. Will do it again.

Note to self: Buy softer chair cushions.

Thanks Meg Miller!

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