Spider’s Trick or Treat

Spider’s Trick or Treat

Happy Halloweensie! Every year author Susanna Hill sponsors a Halloween writing contest. Submissions must include a story with no more than 100 words using specific words. This year the words are moon, ghost, and spider. Head over to her blog to see all the Halloweensie 2016 entries including my 99 word story, Spiders Trick or Treat. And there are always great prizes too!


Spider’s Trick or Treat


     On the night before Halloween, the classroom filled with light from a full moon. Ants scurried. Flies buzzed. Ghost appeared.

     “Ghost, will you pack some sacks for me?” asked Spider. “I have to get more treats.”

     “What do I need to do?” asked Ghost.

    “Watch,” said Spider. “Pull! Lift! Tuck!”

     “I’ll try,” he gagged.

     Spider returned with more dead bugs.

     Ghost plucked, raised, and dragged the treats, “This is going to take all night.”

      “But the kids will be so surprised!” said Spider.

They filled the last sack when the door creaked opened. “Goodie bags!” the children – screamed.


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