Win, lose or tie, I’m a Who-Dat till I die!

Win, lose or tie, I’m a Who-Dat till I die!


The New Orleans Saints fell to the Seattle Seahawks Monday night. Did I say fell? The Seahawks crushed the Saints 34-7. But I think Drew Brees should be proud. That young twenty-something 2nd year NFL quarterback claims Drew is a player he looks up to. And since imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Wilson imitated a young Drew all. night. long. Ouch.

So we didn’t get to brag about making Seahawk gumbo. But here’s something about a Saint’s fan, especially those of us who still remember the paper bag era teams, and when the dome reopened after Katrina, and the Superbowl Championship of 2009, win, lose or tie, we’re Who-Dats till we die!

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