Picture books

Carnivores by Aaron Reynolds


Written by: Aaron Reynolds

Illustrated by: Dan Santat

Chronicle Books, August 2013, Fiction

Suitable for ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics: nature, differences, self-awareness, accepting who you are

Brief Synopsis: The lion, great white shark and timber wolf are feeling misunderstood and sad because other animals fear them just because they eat their relatives.

Opening pages:  “The lion is known throughout the animal kingdom as the “”king of beasts.” The great white shark is the most feared predator in the oceans. And the Timber wolf’s howl strikes terror into the hearts of fuzzy woodland creatures everywhere. But even SAVAGE CARNIVORES get their feelings hurt.

Why I like this book: Carnivores is hilarious. The lion, great white shark and timber wolf are feeling rejected. They come up with ideas so the other animals will like them but their solutions fail because it’s just not the way the animal kingdom works. They are predators and come to accept themselves as they are…and at the end you learn they truly are what they are…carnivores. Belly laugh funny!