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Especially for Educators: “Using Storytelling to Teach Math in the Primary Classroom”

Yumbo Gumbo Bar Graphs

Yumbo Gumbo TRUE or FALSE activity

Find other book resources, reviews and more about the book at Charlesbridge.

Charlesbridge | ISBN: 978-1-62354-313-6
40 pages | ages 5-9

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Opening The Road book page

Beaming Books | ISBN: 978-1506467917
40 pages | ages 4-8

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No Voice Too Small book page

Educational Resources: Activity Guide, Lessons, On-Demand Distance Learning Resources

To meet the needs of teachers in this constantly changing school landscape, Jeanette Bradley, Lindsay H. Metcalf and I have created a flexible school author visit package for NO VOICE TOO SMALL. We have built both on-demand (asynchronous) and live (synchronous) options, suitable for classroom or at-home use.  

Many of the poets who contributed to NO VOICE TOO SMALL have created mini writing workshop videos. Some have also recorded themselves reading their poems. There’s much to learn from watching these master craftspeople talk about their creative process!

YouTube Links:
Flip Book Club

Check out the NO VOICE TOO SMALL Book Club on Flip, where readers can watch and respond to poetry readings and writing workshop videos with their own recordings and writings! For privacy, teachers can copy this collection of topics into their private classroom Flipgrid sites. The book’s editors discuss details in the webinar linked at right.

Learn more in another Flipgrid webinar, “Race, Equity, and Justice: Empowering your students to be voices of change.

The King Cake Baby book page

Wanna pass a good time?

Every January 6th is the first day of the Carnival season. Follow the links to plan a party, bake a king cake, and read THE KING CAKE BABY book!

12 Days of Carnival Coloring & Song Book

Click here for directions on how to print a FREE copy of the 12 Days of Carnival Coloring Book as individual coloring pages or as a booklet.

Every January 6th is the first day of the Carnival season. Follow these links to plan a party, bake an easy peasy king cake and read THE KING CAKE BABY book!

Happy Mardi Gras!