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No World Too Big Award News!

NO WORLD TOO BIG is a finalist for the Russell Freedman Award for Nonfiction for a Better World. This award is given by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Ilustrators (SCBWI) “to a work of nonfiction that contributes to our understanding of how to make our world and society better.”

See the full list of finalists on the @SCBWIIMPACT post on IG. The winner will be announced in March!

Lindsay, Jeanette and I are grateful to the youth who trusted us to tell their stories and the poets inspired to write about them.


Aka Niviâna

Traci Sorell

Carlon Zachras

Sally J Pla

Vanessa Newton

JaNay Brown-Wood

Dalia Elhassan

David Bowles

Rajani Narasimhan LaRocca

Renée M. LaTulippe

Heidi Stemple

Teresa Robeson

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New Book Deal Announcement!

I am so excited to announce there’s a third poetry anthology featuring fourteen incredible young neurodivergent activists in the works! Once again, it is such an honor that these young people have trusted us with their stories. And I am thrilled to teamed up with the uber talented Lindsay H. Metcalf and Jeanette Bradley, too.

NO BRAIN THE SAME: Young Neurodivergent Activists Shaping Our Future will be on bookshelves in 2026!

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Stevens Literacy Center Green Project Camp 2023

I’ve been busy as a bee connecting with kids, librarians, and teachers at book festivals, bookstores, and school visits since the March release of NO WORLD TOO BIG.

This month I had the honor of being an author-in-residence at the Ohio University Stevens Literacy Center summer camp for kids funded by the The Jeanne Horton Memorial Fund for the Green Project. We had fun reading, writing, and crafting. See the video re-cap below.

Fun memories. Happy summer!

Funded by the by The Jeanne Horton Memorial Fund for the Green Project.
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Celebrate Poetry Month & Earth Day!

April is Poetry Month and every April 22nd is Earth Day. For all you eco-warriors, this activity calendar using NO WORLD TOO BIG: Young People Fighting Global Climate Change is filled with ideas.

What will you do to help our planet, today?

Thanks to Lindsay for putting this together!

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There Is No Planet B: Ten Books about…

The Nerdy Book Club includes teachers and librarians extraordinaire who care about books, reading, and their students. It was an honor to contribute to their blog, where I shared ten current and forthcoming books about climate change for young readers. Because everyone can do something to fight global warming!

There Is No Planet B: Ten Books about Global Warming for Young Readers

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SNEAK PEEK! A video about No World Too Big

My co-editors, Lindsay H. Metcalf and Jeanette Bradley and I made this video, Discover Composting with NO WORLD TOO BIG!, when our publisher, Charlesbridge, invited us to take part in their Spring Preview ’23 book buzz event.

You can get a sneak peek at NO WORLD TOO BIG: YOUNG PEOPLE FIGHTING GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE and learn how we compost.

NO WORLD TOO BIG is available for pre-order wherever books are sold. It will be on a shelf near you in March, just in time for Earth Day in April!

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OPENING THE ROAD Educator’s Guide

It’s a long, winding road toward social justice. Keep going!

Click on the cover for a free classroom guide to use with OPENING THE ROAD: VICTOR HUGO GREEN AND HIS GREEN BOOK.

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The Classroom Bookshelf features NO VOICE TOO SMALL

So honored that The Classroom Bookshelf, an SLJ blog, wrote an extensive article on how to use NO VOICE TOO SMALL in the classroom to lift student voices! A great resource and extension to the book’s free activity guide.

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Picture Books and Activism

Read my article about introducing kids to activism through picture books over at the Nerdy Books Club blog. It includes a list. Happy reading! Here’s an exerpt:

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Happy Book Birthday NO VOICE TOO SMALL!

What an amazing day! Lindsay, Jeanette, and I planned a fun-filled virtual book launch for NO VOICE TOO SMALL. An Unlikely Story Bookstore agreed to host us. The anti-bullying activist featured in the book, DJ Annie Red, agreed to perform.

And the day finally arrived!

It started with book lovers sharing the news of our book birthday…

…on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Messages poured in. Friends, authors, our publisher, book reviewers, booksellers. All sending congratulations and praise.

All morning long!

We felt so much love for a book that so many poured so much heart into so it would be ready for this day, to be sent out into the world, and into the hands of children.

We even got a mention in the Washington Post! WOW!

At the book launch that evening, Lindsay, Jeanette and I spoke a bit about the book and thanked the the fourteen young activists, poets, our editor, art director and the our Charlesbridge team that were all a part of this project. We shared the opening and closing poems and one of the contributing poets, Lesléa Newman, read the poem she wrote about Zach Wahls. Jeanette demonstrated how she created the art for the book and drew a picture for us – live! DJ Annie Red performed an acapella version of her song “No You Won’t Bully Me”. Who had fun? WE DID!

We asked our audience to promise to use their voices and take the NO VOICE TOO SMALL pledge. Lindsay and Jeanette’s kids joined in!

So many friends, family, and creatives from the writing community came to our virtual event to support us. It was an unforgettable experience!

For weeks we noticed the “orange banner” on Amazon that designates a book as a #1 Release in a particular category which also compares and ranks books in the same categories.

The three Amazon categories for NO VOICE TOO SMALL are:

  • Children’s American History of 2000s
  • Children’s Social Activists Biographies (Books)
  • Poetry (Books)

On our book birthday, NO VOICE TOO SMALL became an Amazon Hot New Release in the category of Social Activists Biographies! But that’s not all.

Something else happened that didn’t involve sales or marketing or book promotion. Instead, someone helped make this night more special than it already turned out to be. Because it reminded me of why I write books for kids. And why this book matters.

The same day NO VOICE TOO SMALL released, a blog post Lindsay, Jeanette and I wrote for Reading For Research Month went live. We discussed books that inspired us.

In that post I wrote, “I have witnessed the power of story. It is undeniable.” Although I know that to be true, I didn’t know I would witness it on our book birthday. We may not know how or when or for whom books may affect, but we know the power of books. It’s undeniable! What a gift to see the reaction by Judy Adams to her featured story. Judy speaks UP about living with DOWN syndrome. At age twelve, she created Dimes for Down syndrome and grants wishes to others.

Kids need to see themselves in books. They want their stories shared. Adults can help empower, uplift, and amplify their voices.

Thanks to all for the support that made this a wonderful day for us and NO VOICE TOO SMALL.


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OPENING THE ROAD: The Story Behind the Story

OPENING THE ROAD is the true story behind the Green Book guide Black Americans used to travel safely during legal segregation and the mail carrier who wrote it. I was honored to reveal the cover of my upcoming release on author Tara Lazar’s blog. Click on the cover to see a sample spread from the book by the talented artist Alleanna Harris.

I also wrote about my inspiration, the story behind the story, and a little about my road to publication.

BEEP! BEEP! On our way, be there January 26, 2021!

And there’s a GIVEAWAY! Comment on the blog post to enter a chance to win a copy of OPENING THE ROAD: Victor Hugo Green and His Green Book.

Beaming Books | ISBN: 978-1506467917
40 pages | ages 4-8

Pre-order wherever books are sold!

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Kirkus STARRED Review!

It is what it is. GOOD TROUBLE!

NO VOICE TOO SMALL got a star 🌟 from Kirkus Reviews! Click on the picture to read the review.

Thank you to the wonderful words by  Nikki GrimesCarole Boston WeatherfordTraci SorellCharles WatersHena KhanJanet WongJoseph Bruchac,Guadalupe Garcia McCallAndrea J. LoneyLesléa NewmanGreg NeriS. Bear Bergman, and Fiona Morris.  And to Charlesbridge Publishing, our editor Karen Boss and Literary Agent Emily Mitchell who represented us in this project.

We can’t wait to share this book with readers of all ages!

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No Voice Too Small Activity Guide

I write activity guides for all my books. Enjoy!

Click on the cover to download a copy of the No Voice Too Small Activity Guide.

Flipgrid Book Club

Check out our NO VOICE TOO SMALL Flipgrid Book Club, featured in Flipgrid’s Discovery Library. Parents and educators can access videos, mini writing workshops, art class with Jeanette Bradley, and the No Voice Too Small pledge. Readers can watch and respond to the videos with their own recordings and writings! For privacy, teachers can copy this module into their own classroom Flipgrid sites. 

School Visits

With the knowledge that schools are reopening differently in every district – some online, some in person, some hybrid – Lindsay H. Metcalf, Jeanette Bradley and I have created a flexible school author visit package for NO VOICE TOO SMALL.

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SLJ Review: Inspiring!

What does the School Library Journal think of No Voice Too Small?

Pre-order your copy today!

Charlesbridge | ISBN: 978-1-6235-4131-6
40 pages | ages 5-9

Bookshop | Charlesbridge | Amazon | B&N

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The book trailer of the day on Shelf Awareness is NO VOICE TOO SMALL: Fourteen Young Americans Making History! Video by Jeanette Bradley.🎤 Jeanette, Lindsay, and I are so excited to get this book into the hands of kids. 👊

Releases September 22 from Charlesbridge Publishing.

You can preorder the book today anywhere books are sold!

Bookshop | Charlesbridge | Amazon | B&N

Book trailer created by Jeanette Bradley

Charlesbridge Publishing, September 22, 2020
Nonfiction picture book for ages 5-9
ISBN: 978-1623541316

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Opening the Road: Victor Hugo Green and His Green Book


I am so excited to announce my latest book deal! And I am thrilled to be working with my agent Dawn Frederick at Red Sofa Literary, Beaming Books, editor Naomi Krueger and the talented illustrator Alleanna Harris to bring the story of Victor Hugo Green and his Green Book to young children. Stay tuned.


Coming to a shelf near you on January 19, 2021

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With the knowledge that schools are reopening differently in every district – some online, some in person, some hybrid – Lindsay H. Metcalf, Jeanette Bradley and I have created a flexible school author visit package for NO VOICE TOO SMALL.

Order where ever books are sold.

Bookshop | Charlesbridge | Amazon | B&N

We have built both on-demand (asynchronous) and live (synchronous) options, suitable for classroom or at-home use.  

Many of the poets who contributed to NO VOICE TOO SMALL have created mini writing workshop videos, some have also recorded themselves reading their poem. We have learned so much from watching these master craftspeople talk about their creative process, and we hope you and your students will as well.  

Live Virtual Author Visits 

If you are interested in hiring one or all of us for a live (synchronous) virtual school visit, and/or and interactive flip grid classroom visit, please contact me for packages and pricing. 

ROAR! Individual Classroom, Grade Level, or School-Wide visit: Students will learn about community activism through the poems featured in NO VOICE TOO SMALL. 

POETRY WORKSHOP: Using NO VOICE TOO SMALL as a mentor text to write poetry, students will learn about process, research, and revision required for writing nonfiction poems. 

On Demand Distance Learning Resources

Because schools and families are in unique situations in 2020, we have developed multiple ways for you to access and use these On Demand materials in your ​classroom or for distance learning or homeschool classrooms at home.  

Flipgrid Book Club

Check out our NO VOICE TOO SMALL Flipgrid Book Club, featured in Flipgrid’s Discovery Library. Parents and educators can access videos, mini writing workshops, art class with Jeanette Bradley, and the No Voice Too Small pledge. Readers can watch and respond to the videos with their own recordings and writings! For privacy, teachers can copy this module into their own classroom Flipgrid sites. 

Educational Guide

Click here to download the standards-aligned (K-4)  Educational Activity Guide.

Links for Use in Google Classroom 

If you prefer to embed links into your own Google Classroom documents, we have gathered the links to all of the Writing Workshops and Poetry Reading videos that are currently live on You Tube into one google doc. Click here for NO VOICE TOO SMALL Distance Learning Links. 

Book trailer

NO VOICE TOO SMALL book trailer, featuring the voices of some of our young activists. 

YouTube playlists

NO VOICE TOO SMALL Writing Workshops  Poets from NO VOICE TOO SMALL share their inspiration and writing tips with young readers. 

NO VOICE TOO SMALL Young Activists Speak  A collection of videos of the young activists featured in NO VOICE TOO SMALL. Some were created just for readers of this book, others are news videos, speeches, or performances given by the young activists in the past. 

NO VOICE TOO SMALL Poetry Readings  A rotating selection of poets read their own poems aloud. 

Wishing you a safe and productive school year,

Jeanette, Lindsay, and Keila


Jeanette Bradley has a background in fair housing and fair lending work. She is the author/illustrator of Love, Mama and the illustrator of When the Babies Came to Stay.

Keila V. Dawson is a New Orleans native, former community organizer and author of The King Cake Baby and the forthcoming Opening the Road: Victor Hugo Green and His Green Book. She’s worked as a teacher, school administrator, and educational consultant and advocate in the U.S., the Philippines, Japan, and Egypt.

Lindsay H. Metcalf  has been a writer and editor at publications including The Kansas City Star and Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World and has covered a range of change-makers in politics, education, and communities. She is the author of the forthcoming Beatrix Potter, Scientist, and Farmers Unite! Planting a Protest for Fair Prices.

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TAKING THE MIC by Jeanette Bradley, Keila V. Dawson, and Lindsay Metcalf

I am thrilled to be a part of this project! In addition to the amazing youth, look at the talent who will write about them. Nikki Grimes, Carole Weatherford, Greg Wray, Traci McClellan-Sorell, Janet Wong, Hena Khan, Charles Waters, Andrea J. Loney, Lesléa Newman, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Fiona Morris, Joseph Bruchac, S. Bear Bergman.

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Miss Paul and the President by Dean Robbins

Today’s Perfect Picture Book pick is Miss Paul and the President: The Creative Campaign for Women’s Right to Vote. 

Written by: Dean Robbins

Illustrated by: Nancy Zhang

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers  (September 2016)

Suitable for ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics: Activism, Right to vote, Women’s suffrage, US history

Brief Synopsis:  As a child Alice Paul saw her father go off to vote but not her mother. Why?  She studied the nation’s laws and knew they needed to change to allow women the right to vote. Alice protested in different ways and convinced other women to join her.

One day in 1914, she organized a parade that upstaged the arrival of the newly elected President, Woodrow Wilson. He asked to meet her. However, the president told her he had more pressing issues to deal with that working on the women’s right to vote . But that didn’t stop Alice Paul. She persisted. Even the president’s daughter Margaret agreed with Alice Paul. Then one day in 1918, President Wilson agreed too!

Opening pages:

Alice Paul hurried up and down Pennsylvania Avenue in a purple hat.

She wanted to make everything perfect for her parade. A parade in Washington D. C. no one would ever forget!”

 Why I like this bookThis is a wonderful introduction to a female activist who was instrumental in the fight for the right to vote for women. Through scenes that are both playful and serious, Robbins tells the story of activism by describing the actions and persistence of Alice Paul. 

The book is a wonderful introduction to this period in history and could spark discussion about the US Constitution as well as the role of Congress in making laws. 


  • Scroll down the author’s website for Activities for Miss Paul and the President: The Creative Campaign for Women’s Right to Vote. 
  • A teaching unit about women’s suffrage movement can be found from Rutgers: Teach a Girl to Lead
  • Head over to A Mighty Girl to find girl-empowering resources such as toys, movies, music and books. 

Read more of today’s reviews at author Susanna Hill’s blog.

Happy reading!


Pitzer College 50th Commencement Keynote Address

I don’t know how this happened. Time didn’t just fly, it tornadoed! My little girl is now a college graduate. Over her years at Pitzer College she has learned much and through her journey, so have I.

Pitzer is a liberal arts school that prepares students to be socially responsible while developing intercultural understanding emphasizing social justice and environmental sensitivity through rigorous academic study.

This year’s commencement keynote address made by Van Jones, an environmental and civil rights activist, was funny and eloquent. His advice to these new graduates is advice for all.

Van Jones 2014 Commencement Keyote at Pitzer College

Congratulations to the Pitzer College Class of 2014! Your destiny awaits!