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Halloweensie Contest 2017: TRICKS & TREATS

It’s Halloweensie time! Every October author Susanna Hill hosts a writing contest. The rules: write a 100 word Halloween story for kids 12 and under using the words candy corn (counted as one word), monster, and shadow.

Tricks & Treats 

The Candy Corn Quartet arrived early to the annual Halloween auditions.

They turned the lights on bright just as the Caramel Candy Quintet

stepped up to perform.

Rather than stick to their notes, the candy stuck to one another.

Backstage, the Chocolate Bars practiced their harmony.

“Nice white costumes,” laughed the quartet.

The Bars sweat through their performance and onto the floor. “Cone

heads!” they yelled.

Up next, the quartet sang in perfect pitch. They got the gig!

The quartet rang the doorbell. A large shadow loomed.

“Treats are here,” yelled a monster. “Yum, my favorite!”

And he gobbled them up.


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Happy Halloween!