ANYWHERE FARM by Phyllis Root

ANYWHERE FARM by Phyllis Root

Today’s Perfect Picture Book Friday pick is Anywhere Farm. It’s spring! And we know what that brings. Time to plant. Do you know what food you’ll grow?

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Written by: Phyllis Root

Illustrated by:  G. Brian Karas

Publisher: oooCandlewick (March 2017)

Suitable for ages: 2– 5  [spacer height=”10px”]

Themes/Topics: community supported agriculture, urban environments, cooperation, farmer’s market

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Brief Synopsis:  This book introduces young children to the idea of community supported agricultural more than farming and shows how urban areas are used to grow food.  [spacer height=”10px”]

Opening pages“For an anywhere farm, here’s all you need:


                    and sunshine,

                                            some water,

                               a seed.”  

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 Why I like this book We joined a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), last year. The produce we get is abundant and so tasty. Anywhere Farm is an informational book. Kids learn it’s not hard to grow food, you need soil, sun, water, and a seed. An empty lot surrounded by buildings is transformed into a community garden. Food can be grown anywhere and in anything. Kale in  pail. Corn in a horn.

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Children and adults work together. They re-purpose items found in the garbage to use as pots. Children also learn about insects and animals found in an urban garden. And when there’s plenty of food, the neighbors start a farmer’s market to sell to other neighbors.

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The rhythm and rhyme is playful and the illustrations inclusive. A delightful book for young children to learn about growing food in an urban environment through a community effort.

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Read more of today’s reviews at author Susanna Hill’s blog.

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Happy reading!

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  1. I wish more kids could enjoy community or home gardens. I grew up with this and it was a swell experience. Very glad to see that picture books are becoming more representative of the diversity in our communities.

  2. I love the idea of teaching children about community gardens! This is such an important book, because kids aren’t exposed to farming or growing gardens like many of us experienced as children. Love the boy in the wheelchair on the cover.

  3. I gotta say that a book about farming by someone with the last name of Root is a hoot! Couldn’t pass up the opportunity. 😀 We have lots of CSAs around here, and we get the tastiest stuff. Not only that, we get recipes to figure out what to do with the excess of anything. Very cool.

    Love this book!

  4. Planting herbs and vegetables is one part of gardening my daughter always loves to help with. I think most children are amazed when they learn how little space is needed to grow foods they can eat or flowers they can enjoy. I’m looking forward to reading this book.

  5. Whenever our 4 year old grandson comes to visit he’s right in the garden with Grandpa helping out! I’ll have to find this book for him.

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