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I YAM A DONKEY by Cece Bell

Although I read today’s Perfect Picture Book Friday pick last week, I YAM still laughing!

Title: I YAM A DONKEY story, pictures, and bad grammar

Written & Illustrated by:  Cece Bell

Publisher: Clarion Books (June 16, 2015)

Suitable for ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics: Wordplay, grammar, dialogue, humor

Brief Synopsis:  A yam, yes, a vegetable, determined to correct the grammar of an oblivious donkey fails because it’s just an impossible feat. The frustrated yam enlists other vegetables to help but remains unsuccessful. Alas, all good things must end and the surprise ending to this story is laugh out loud funny.

Opening pages:

YAM: What did you say?  “I yam a donkey?” The proper way to say that is “I am a donkey.”

DONKEY: You is a donkey, too? You is a funny-looking donkey.

YAM: No, I am a yam. You are the one who said, “I am a donkey.” 

Why I like this book It is laugh out loud funny! As the publisher’s blurb pointed out, I YAM A DONKEY can be compared to the comedic routine of the“Who’s on first.” about baseball by Abbott and Costello. What a fun way to teach grammar and dialogue. The ending is hilarious. I double dare you not to laugh while reading this book.

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  • After learning all about grammar, make some yam or sweet potato fries. Read the story and you’ll know why!

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    Happy reading!