Picture books

“Nobody” by Liz Rosenberg

It’s Perfect Picture Book Friday! Come on now, raise your hand if you had an imaginary friend! I did. And we did everything together. And for that reason this book resonates. I actually remember the exact day my parents and siblings watched us while in full play mode. YIKES! And so my pick for today is “Nobody”.  


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Written by: Liz Rosenberg

Illustrated by: Illustrated by Julie Downing

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press; (May 2010)

Suitable for ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics: imaginary friend, about being an only child, independence

Brief Synopsis: George is a little boy who wakes before his parents and he and his imaginary friend, whips up “breakfast” together. He and Nobody are quite a team but thankfully George remembers he’s not supposed to turn on the stove with “Nobody around”. His parents wake to see the mess George made decide to make pancakes together.

Opening pages:  “Nobody makes pancakes like I do.”

Why I like this book: Aside from my own personal connection,  the wordplay is fantastic. A funny and endearing book that shines a light on common childhood behaviors of seeking companionship and independence.